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Mar 17, 2023

The final instalment of Halmstead Havresack X with Jonny Mnemonic plus a sorta (kinda) email section with Mrs Mole. 


Feb 17, 2023

The main meat of Jonny's Halmstead Havresack. 

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Feb 1, 2023

Halmstead Havresack X. Take your ears on a journey (via a dance/jazz sarnie) through Jonny Mnemonic's imaginary travel bag.



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Jan 12, 2023

Second part of a conversation with Halmsteadian DJ and recently diagnosed ADHDer Jonny Mnemonic. 

Nov 25, 2022

A pre Halmstead Havresack chat encompassing DJing, household appliances playing free form jazz, the internet, cannabis deals for Mrs Mole, salvia, DMT, pandemic ADHD, parallel universes and more.