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Aug 2, 2021

Solo tribute to hash master, hash guru, Frenchy Cannoli with the second (more history focused) conversation with Professor Jones and Magic Trichs.

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Jul 3, 2021

A solo podcast about cannabis, mental health & the loss of Twitter. 

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Jun 21, 2021

Get High 213 contains greenhouse updates from Milky and Magic Trichs, emails from Chauncey, Jackdaw & Esh (Zoots) and more Hammy goodness. Boggins. 

Jun 16, 2021

On this special 1 hour long mid season finale we look into the world of French Cannabis in Quebec. First we learn of the origins of Quebec politics. Then we talk to Jose Dominguez. Jose is formerly an award winning Cannabis grower turned Cannabis Sommelier. You'll learn why the Quebec government is so hostile towards...