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Aug 22, 2016

An audio submission from Nick & Vince, Cherry Haze at Product Earth and an eMail from Cloudsofsmoke.


cannabis, moon landings, puppetry of the penis, tinfoil, time tunnel, stargate, autoflower, airpots, nirvana, psychedelics, mushrooms, depression, a nation of bankers, kent, limonene, extraction, edibles, EDS, RSO,...

Aug 11, 2016

Live audio from Jeff Ditchfield at Product Earth plus a conversation with Oli from Breaking Convention an eMail from Chemdank & a sativex heavy intro.




Cannabis, edibles, tinctures, THC - CBD ratios, sativex, GW, pain management, spraying czech stoners, make your own drugs, legal druggies, fuck GW pharma up their...