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Aug 24, 2015

LIVE from Hyde Park 4/20 2015 with @ExodusChop, Cassius Tafari, Jake Lewis, Mrs Mole and more. 

Cannabis, dabs, Jack Herer, Green Crack, Jack Skellington, growing, law, silk road, speed, police, adulterated weed, 4/20, Hyde Park, Jyarz, canna caps, dopefiend cup, just be nice, medi monkeys, bagmilk, boggins balls, hash,...

Aug 11, 2015

Live audio from 4/20 2015 in Hyde Park with ExsodusChop, Blank Steve and others.


cannabis, vapes, dabs, white rhino, volcano, minivap, hyde park, barcelona, amsterdam, politics, anarchy, 4/20, joints, black metal,