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May 23, 2016

Live audio from Hyde Park, Pot King vap' update, Jack Herer & Cuvee in the minivap with an eMail from Vince Noir.


Cannabis, vaping, smoking, nicotine, jack herer, cuvee, sugar black rose, minivap, extreme q, crafty, mighty, firefly, grasshopper, police dogs, flowering times, farting, the queen, lizards, podcasting,...

May 9, 2016

Teenage Pie talks to an artist, Mrs Mole & Greg from the UKCSC movement with a 4/20 related eMail from Blank Steve.




cannabis, sativex, THC, vaping, Volcano, miniVap, mixed strain salad, Robert Crumb, UKCSC, Hyde Park, Police, sniffer dogs, edibles, joints, illegal, responsible event management, monopoly, making...