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Feb 27, 2006

In The Web's Favourite Marijuana Podcast this week: The Dopefiend updates the Mail Order Marijuana debate and the incredible saga of Hratch Baghdalian and OverGrow, and plays Simon Cowell to two rapping dutch politicians! Blaze away!

Feb 20, 2006

In Episode 11 of the World's Favourite Marijuana Podcast: The Dopefiend talks more about Mail Order Marijuana, updates the story on Canadian websites Overgrow and Heaven's Stairway, and rounds up the week's news with stories about the proposed ban on foreigners buying cannabis in Holland and the German who called the...

Feb 13, 2006

In the sparkling 10th episode of the Web's Favourite Cannabis Podcast: The Dopefiend asks his listeners to email him ( and tell him if he should advertise Mail Order Marijuana services or not. Also more news of the disappearance of Overgrow, Cannabis World and more websites based in Canada, the...

Feb 6, 2006

In the Web's favourite cannabis Podcast this week: The Dopefiend talks about the bust of several Canadian cannabis websites, Mail-Order Marijuana and how to find it, the terrifying face of cannabis Psychosis, children on heroin and some good news from Ireland.