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Mar 31, 2008

On this week's episode of the Web's Favourite Cannabis Podcast, the Dopefiend kicks things of with some chat about this week's headline-grabbing BBC documentary "Should I Get Stoned?" and whether it will actually change any viewers' minds about Cannabis, then addresses the question of why there is a delayed high...

Mar 27, 2008

BB's Bungalow - Episode 7 OUT NOW

As always, sit back and chill out with a great mix of music including lots of tracks that you guys have sent in as well as some unique Aussie comedy!

In this pre-Dopestock episode, we hear listener's emails and voicemails as well as a special message from HermitGirl to QueerNinja.


Mar 24, 2008

On this week's episode of the Web's Favourite Cannabis Podcast, Cannabis Commentator the Dopefiend talks about his efforts to extract leftover cannabinoids from vapo-poop, and his current experiment with Cannabis cooking oil, how the Dopecast is creeping into the mainstream by appearing in iTunes' featured podcasts,...

Dopestock 2008

Mar 23, 2008

Doesn't a year go quickly?

Last April 20th we gathered a crew of dedicated stoners and cannabis podcasters for the first time in the Capital City of Cannabis, Amsterdam, for a day-long extravaganza of live shows, coffeeshops tours, and most importantly.... gourmet ganja!

This year, it's going to be bigger, better......

Mar 21, 2008

This fortnight's installment of Psychonautica is a conversation between Max Freakout and Floydhead. They talk about Floydhead's recent mushroom trip in amsterdam on the 'Mckennai' strain involving deep introspection, contemplating suicide, brief unconsciousness and physical injury in a coffeeshop, the...