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Sep 25, 2006

On the Web's Favourite Cannabis Podcast this week: The Dopefiend talks more about Video Nasties, A cheap vaporizer recommendation and more on the Crapir Vapormatic. He also brings news of the US Government's viral war on drugs, via YouTube, and Howard Marks' and Willie Nelson's recent run-ins with the law.
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ONDCP Videos on YouTube :
Paulybee's link to the £60 vaporizer:

Playlist: Kodo - Strobe's Nanafushi; Bedouin Soundclash - Money Worries(E Clair Refix); Stranger Cole and Lester Sterling - Bangarang; Cinematic Orchestra feat. Roots Manuva - All Things To All Men; Chicane - Saltwater(The Thrillseekers Remix); Youngblood Brass Band - Nuclear Summer; Nitin Sawhney - Ranjha

Podcast image: Ecstasy Drawing #2 by vipergtx: Send your pics in to us at

almost eighteen years ago

great toking tune, never heard it before the dopecast. Defs enjoying this podcast.

almost eighteen years ago

Nice show, keep it up!