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Nov 24, 2011

Welcome to episode 51 of BB’s Bungalow! On this month’s show, we be bring you an exclusive interview with Dr John Jiggens who was interviewed earlier this month by Tirikite Toker.

Dr John Jiggens is a writer and journalist who has published several books including Marijuana Australiana, The Sydney Connection and, with Jack Herer, the Australian version of The Emperor Wears No Clothes.As a journalist, he has contributed feature articles to The Sydney Morning Herald, The Age, Rolling Stone, Penthouse, Simply Living and many other magazines.His Ph.D was 'Marijuana Australiana: Cannabis Use, Popular Culture and the Americanisation of Drugs Policy in Australia 1938 - 1988'. The two volumes which derive from his doctoral dissertation are The Sydney Connection and Marijuana Australiana.

Meanwhile, I’m sure you’ve heard rumblings on Twitter about me struggling to put the Bungalow together each month. I’m finding myself more and more strapped for time recently so with that said, I’m putting it out there to the OzTribe and the wider Dopetribe to ask for your help. I need assistance from someone who has some experience editing audio and splicing a few audio clips together…if you think you might be able to help out once a month for say, 4-5 hours then please get in touch me!

I’d also love for you to send in your music, comedy or trip reports for us to include on future shows. Drop us an email to or find me on Twitter at BlackBeauty.  We love receiving your trip reports, questions, product reviews, voicemails, comedy or music that you would like to hear on the Bungalow.  Every little bit you send helps out with putting these shows together for you, on the last Thursday of each and every month

S h o w  C r e d i t s :

Thank you to our Bungalow correspondent TirikiteToker for his interview with Dr John Jiggens.

Thank you to @VolcanoAngel for the beautiful calligraphy artwork this episode and to PipBoy for BB-ifying it!


Newsflash: Fri 9th Dec 2011 - we need you at the Supreme Court of Victoria (Melbourne CBD) - filling all seats on the side of Legal Cannabis! Please come and RT!

World of Omnia

The Vapo Song (Vapo Vapo Vapo)

Dr. John Jiggens



Josh Heinrichs and Friends

Noam Chomsky (on the subject of) Marijuana

Sachal Studios' Take Five Official Video

P l a y l i s t :

Alive – Omnia; The Vapo Song - Norman A Norman; Love In Our Community - Josh Heinrichs & Friends feat. Aston "Familyman" Barrett of Bob Marley & The Wailers & 77 Jefferson; Clip: Professor Noam Chomsky; Take Five - Sachal Studios.


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