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Mar 28, 2012

It’s been another very busy month but thankfully our new contributor ZenRhin0 has helped by producing much of this show. Coming up we’ll have a great selection of music plus some comedy sent in by our very own DarkSpark.

We’ll also be hearing from Ron Paul on the subject of the CIA’s alleged drug trafficking activities and the growing momentum towards legalising hemp and medical marijuana so that we can put an end to the global drug war that is costing us more money and more lives every day it’s allowed to continue.

Towards the end of the show we’ll hear a clip from Crohn’s survivor Shona Banda who tells us how medical marijuana oil has changed her life and helped her live pain free again.

Speaking of which, I’m so excited….in about 4 weeks time, the Dopetribe will reunite once again in Amsterdam to celebrate a special stoner time of the year, and that’s 420 or April 20th.

You can send in your music, comedy or trip reports for us to include on future shows. Drop us an email to or find me on Twitter at We love receiving your trip reports, questions, product reviews, voicemails, comedy or music that you would like to hear on the Bungalow.

Find ZenRhin0 on Twitter at

Every little bit you send helps out with putting these shows together for you, on the last Thursday of each and every month.

Gang Jah Mind--Dub Wise

Arj Barker – Melbourne Comedy Festival Gala 2009

Ron Paul on CIA Drug Trafficking

Ron Paul: I will legalize hemp and medical Marijuana

Ending the Global Drug War: Voices from the Front Lines

Crohn's Disease Survivor Shona Banda Tells How Medical Marijuana Oil Helps Her "Live Free"

Cheech and Chong's Next Movie

P l a y l i s t : 

Gang Jah Mind – Dub Wise; Comedy: Arj Barker at the Melbourne Comedy Festival Gala 2009; Comedy: The Proud Middle Class; Clip: Ron Paul on CIA Drug Trafficking; Clip: Ron Paul - I will legalize hemp and medical Marijuana; Clip: Ending the Global Drug War - Voices from the Front Lines; Handlebars – Flobots; Clip: Crohn's Disease Survivor Shona Banda Tells How Medical Marijuana Oil Helps Her "Live Free"; Comedy: Excerpt from Cheech & Chong’s Next Movie; John Mayer – Who Says.

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