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Jul 28, 2008

On this week's episode of the Web's Favourite Cannabis Podcast, the Dopefiend kicks things off by talking about the lies told by governments around the world in an attempt to curb the use of Cannabis, why the United States government is the biggest culprit, and how they're being fought on their own turf by the rising tide of pro-cannabis state law, including the current move to legalize cannabis outright in California. After a brief reminder of next week's Dopefiend gathering at the Big Chill festival and our other upcoming live events at the Notting Hill Carnival and the UK Hemp Expo, the Dopefiend hits the emails, starting with some info on tobacco alternatives, some general ethnobotanical chat and an offer of free Salvia cuttings from Dank Avenger, prompting some Salvia cultivation advice from the Dopefiend, and an incredible Salvia trip report and some words of advice from Gwiito for first-time Salvia trippers, followed by some questions about "grit weed" and other adulterated cannabis from new HerbalAire owner Old Brasso, prompting the Dopefiend to head into the VaporLounge and hit some Jack Herer while talking about the possibilities of making a Volcano-style vaporizer from a pop-corn machine, and whether the Exteme Vaporizer or the HerbalAire is the best Volcano alternative. After a musical interlude submitted by DaddyGreenJeans, the Dopefiend reads an email from Komrade, who's just returned to Cannabis after a 15-year break, zatoeric explains what a green-friendly cleaning company is, and describes his solar-powered smoking method, and FunkyMarque waxes lyrical about the beauty of Blue Cheese. In the cannabis News, an update on the status of British DJ Grooverider, still languishing in jail in Dubai, the news that Massachussets is moving to ban Salvia Divinorum, among some other things, the threat to UK growers from the North Yorkshire Police's heat-seeking helicopter, and the huge Cannabis bust that fell apart in court due to glory-hunting cops. Email, send us a voicemail and drop by our Skype Virtual VaporLounge, and check out the forum.

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The USA's patent application on Medical Marijuana is here:

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For more info on Salvia Divinorum, check out

For a great thread featuring links to loads of articles about "grit weed" and other adulterated Cannabis, go here

Playlist: Palenke Soultribe (Wilcox Remix) - Technicolor Dreams (Wilcox Remix); iD and Sleeper - Five for Nothing; Bitter:Sweet - Don't Forget To Breathe; Viggo Steincke - Let's Go; The Itals - Hallelujah; Myself - God Is So Funky/ Goddess So Funky; Yomo Toro - Funky Jibaro; The Nomad - Common Sense; Z-Trip - Rockstar; DJ Jeff - Change the Scratch; Bonzo Dog Doo Dah Band - Hunting Tigers Out in Indiah; Brooklyn Zu - We Comin' for Ya; Dubmatix - Happy Dub; iD and Sleeper - Echo; Antenne - Gloves

Podcast image: White Heaven submitted by BB. Submit your pics here:

Palenke Soultribe (Wilcox Remix)
"Technicolor Dreams" (mp3)
from "Tropico & Cielo Remixes III EP"
(WC-Music, Inc)

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iD and Sleeper
"Five for Nothing" (mp3)
from "With Fixed Hands"
(Circle Into Square Records)

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"Don't Forget To Breathe" (mp3)
from "Yoga One"
(Quango Music Group, Inc.)

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Viggo Steincke
"Let's Go" (mp3)
from "City of Sounds"
(Steincke Records)

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The Itals
"Hallelujah" (mp3)
from "Easy To Catch"
(Rhythm Safari Pty Ltd)

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"God Is So Funky/ Goddess So Funky" (mp3)
from "Protest In Disguise"
(Couture Music Wear, INC.)

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Yomo Toro
"Funky Jibaro" (mp3)
from "Funky Jibaro"

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The Nomad
"Common Sense" (mp3)
from "Quinessence"

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"Rockstar" (mp3)
from "Return of the DJ Vol. II"
(Bomb Hip Hop)

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DJ Jeff
"Change the Scratch" (mp3)
from "Return of the DJ Vol. II"
(Bomb Hip Hop)

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Brooklyn Zu
"We Comin' for Ya" (mp3)
from "Chamber #9, Verse 32"
(Imagine Music / High Wire Music)

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"Happy Dub" (mp3)
from "Renegade Rocker"
(7 Arts Entertainment)

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iD and Sleeper
"Echo" (mp3)
from "With Fixed Hands"
(Circle Into Square Records)

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"Gloves" (mp3)
from "#3"
(helmet r00m recordings)

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