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Nov 24, 2008

On this week's extra special episode of the Dopecast live from last weekend's UK Hemp Expo in London, the Dopefiend enjoys a rare opportunity to experience total Cannabis freedom in the center of London and samples the delights of the UK Hemp Expo, joined by such DopeTribe regulars as Jay K, Floydhead, Max Freakout, to talk about a wide range of subjects including the Hemp Expo itself, the revolutionary Iolite/I-Inhale and how it's changing the Cannabis Community, how a major psychedelic experience can hamper one's ability to enjoy the pleasure of Cannabis, the benefits and limitations of auto-flowering strains such as Lowryder, whether or not Cannabis could provide a much needed boost to the global economy if legalized, and whether governments would ever recognize that possibility, the increasing clampdown on the Cannabis scene in Amsterdam and whether it'll ever conquer the public desire for legal ganja, and the coming ban on magic mushrooms in Amsterdam and how headshops will respond to it. Next, the Dopefiend heads over the the I-Inhale stand for a chat with Peter, the man behind it's creation and development about how it came to be and its success since its release, then forum member and grower slowme rocks up with his brand new Iolite/i-inhale and some of his own home grown jack herer to talk about what led him to become a grower, then London based stoner esse b drops in for a chat about his weekend at the Expo. Following a musical interlude, Herodian and Hash Whisperer swing by the DopeTribe corner for a taste of some G-Bomb vapour and a chat about the way different temperatures of vaporization can affect the type of high you get from your favourite strain. Next the Dopefiend heads over to the Seedsman stand for a chat with Dopecast regular Tom from Seedsman for a chat about the seed industry in the UK in general and whether there are moves afoot to restrict seed sale, whether the increasing legitimization of the medical marijuana scene in the United States at the state level is having an impact on the seed business. Next, the Dopefiend chats to this week's sponsor JonnyB, Hash Whisperer, and Dopecast regular Floydhead about their experience of the UK Hemp Expo and the likelihood of a seed sale ban arriving on British shores, as well as the approaching Dutch ban on mushrooms, then he has a chat with cartoonist and former Disney animator Jason Wilson, the creator of the comic serial Smuggling Vacation before closing the day's festivities by chatting to Dopefiend Network Podcasters Max Freakout and Pothead, who's laden with shopping bags full of goodies, and forum regular MycoPhile about their enjoyment of the UK Hemp Expo, before heading home after a long and very stoned weekend! Email, send us a voicemail and drop by our Skype Virtual VaporLounge, and check out the forum.

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