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Sep 17, 2012

This week's very special episode of the Web's Favourite Cannabis Podcast comes live from the stunning surroundings of the brand new Hemp Museum Gallery in the beautiful city of Barcelona in Spain, the launch of which is the latest event in the blossoming of this incredible historic, artistic and freedom loving city into a new European capital of cannabis culture. The Dopefiend is first joined by the spokesperson for the Hemp Museum Gallery, Angela Ayala Segura, who talks about her involvement with the museum, why its patron and sponsor, the cannabis entrepreneur Ben Dronkers, has chosen to partner his Amsterdam museum with this sumptuous new location, how he intends to use it to spread the truth about the unjust prohibition of cannabis, and how it is already succeeding in doing this. Angela also talks about this year's Cannabis Culture Awards, which were held at the Barcelona museum, and which celebrated the achievements of the Global Commission on Drug Policy. Next, the Dopefiend talks to Elisabeth Mehl & Line Sòrlie, two of the managers from the Resin Club and cannabis Association in Barcelona, who talk about the growing Cannabis Social Club scene in Spain, how both medical and recreational cannabis users who want safe access to cannabis can avail themselves of this system, how its careful regulation and the strong support it offers its members puts the Netherlands' system to shame and what it means for cannabis tourism in Spain. The Dopefiend is also told what a Spanish Cannabis Club actually looks like, and gets to take a close look at the quality of the cannabis on offer there, including a high-CBD strain, Cannatonic, which leads to some discussion of the value of high-CBD strains, and how a regulated system allows such innovations to flourish. Next, after sampling some of the Resin Club's Cannatonic in his Arizer Solo vaporizer, the Dopefiend talks to another major figure in the development of the cannabis scene in Spain, lawyer Oriol Casals, who legally represents most of Spain's Cannabis Clubs, and is also behind a proposition by the mayor of the Spanish town of Rasquera, who is proposing to pay his town's defecit by growing cannabis. Oriol talks about his argument that use of cannabis, like any substance, is a basic individual human right, and is therefore ultimately legal, how the authorities are responding to the Cannabis Club movements, and also gives the latest information on his involvement in the case involving potential legalisation of cannabis in Rasquera, why he feels it is less about dealing with the town's deficit and more about creating efficiency and self-sufficiency. Finally Oriol talks about whether he thinks the Rasquera project and the Spanish Cannabis Club movement will eventually have an effect on the actual written law regarding cannabis in Spain. Email, send us a voicemail, follow @dopefiend and the new Virtual VaporLounge on twitter, and check out the forum.

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