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Oct 23, 2006

On today's bumper edition of the Web's Favourite Cannabis Podcast, the Dopefiend attempts a vaporizer-free show thanks to a listener request, invites you into his Vapor Lounge and takes you through the various strains in his stash box, discusses international differences in smoking methods, how to make Cannabis Coffee, the dodgy and expensive weed with an added ingredient: sand!!, the Top 10 Cannabis Studies the Government Wishes it Never Funded, and news of the UK's strongest ever weed, the continuing liberalization of Italy's Cannabis Law, and George Michael's pro-pot interview. Email, leave a comment, Crazy, crazy crazy, crazy Skype, and check out the forum at

Will's link to Joe Rogan's DMT video is here

The mushroom grow kit for Jon is here

Abyss's award winning link to the Top 10 Studies the Government Wishes it had Never Funded is here

Playlist: Bedouin Soundclash - Back To The Matter; John Kaizan Neptune - Golden Lotus; Fila Brazilia - Place De La Concorde; David Holmes - Gritty Shaker; Air - Venus; Terra del Sol - Sea Goddess; Susanna and the Magical Orchestra - Crazy, Crazy Nights;  Nitin Sawhney - Pieces Of Ten (Chandru Mix); Jose Gonzalez - Crosses; Future Sound of London - Papua New Gunia (Wooden Ships); Miles Davis - Flamenco Sketches

seventeen and a half years ago

Fuck, you made my day sooo much better.

seventeen and a half years ago

I\\\'ve got to say, I don\\\'t mind the vaporizer discussion. I can see how others might get tired of it, though.

I\\\'m glad you brought up Herer\\\'s book, have you read any other books on the herb that you\\\'d recommend?

big a
seventeen and a half years ago

thanks dopefiend

i\'m famous!