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Oct 29, 2007

The Dopefiend gets the 100th episode celebrations started a week early with a stoner symposium LIVE in the Capital City of Cannabis, Amsterdam, featuring special guests Queerninja, Max Freakout, The Toker, Floydhead and Son of Gonzo. First the Dopefiend and friends hit the Betty Boop Coffeeshop for a rapid-fire joint smoking session including chat about Max Freakout's new abode in Amsterdam, Queerninja's bizarre allergy to sativas, whether Americans are personae non grata is Amsterdam, and whether there's an age limit on those who want to come and enjoy the fun, and where they should stay when they get here, Cannabis-infused alcoholic drinks and a report on some weed Sambuca from Safron, some questions about Mushrooms, their interaction with Cannabis, the news of their impending illegality in Amsterdam and how it will affect psychonauts, a continuation of the debate over the standard of British food and some support on the subject from Shaggz1297, then following some music and a quick chat with the Seedsman about this week's Seed of the Month, Narkush, we relocate to the comfort of the Amnesia Coffeeshop in order to vaporize some tasty nugs of John Sinclair (the weed, not the counterculture revolutionary!), and to talk about driving over to Amsterdam from the UK and the dangers of trying to smuggle Cannabis back through by car, some further discussion on relationships between stoners and non-stoners and how successful they are or aren't, an insider's view on the incredible "Drugs and the Brain" lectures by David Presti and some talk with Queerninja about a recent MDMA experience, and finally, some talk about the various tasty foods available in Amsterdam and where to find them. Join us next week for the 100th episode live from the Cannabis College and the Dolphins coffeeshop! Email, leave your comments, Skype my face, check out the Chatroom and don't forget to register at our brand new forum!

The Betty Boop Coffeeshop is here:

Amnesia Coffeeshop is here:

The Flying Pig Hostel is here:

Los Pilones, the incredible Mexican Restaurant is here:

David Presti's Drugs and the Brain lectures are here:

Dale Pendell's fantastic Pharmako/Poiea books are here

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Playlist: Muck Sticky - Watermelon (; RaykoKRB - Up Chuk Skat (; Ashtech - DNA

"DNA" (mp3)
from "Walkin' Target"
(Interchill Records)

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