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Dec 24, 2007

The festive fun continues with a double-whammy Dopecast Stocking Filler from C-Realm host KMO and home grower Christine. First join KMO and special guest Hippy Chick for some sacred flowers as they discuss the pleasures of marijuana and the evils of methamphetamine, then talks to Yasmeen Grant about her ayahuasca documentary, "In Search of the Divine Vegetal", then join Christine for a chat with a distiller and another friend about alcohol-based cannabis tinctures, how they get the THC into the system, as well as some of the legal aspects of medical Cannabis use in the USA, particularly Oregon. Find KMO and Christine at our great forum, and stay tuned to for more Cannabis at Christmas, including the Christmas Day special Dopecast!

The two episodes of "In Search of the Divine Vegetal" on CBC can be found here:

Part 1:

Part 2:

Playlist: Cypress Hill feat. Damian Marley - Ganja Bus; Pigeon John - Go Higher