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Sep 20, 2013

KMO and Olga are back in NYC after a month-long road trip, and now they're gearing up for the 2013 Horizons: Perspectives on Psychedelics conference. One of the speakers at this years conference will be Thomas B. Roberts, Ph.D, author of The Psychedelic Future of the Mind: How Entheogens Are Enhancing Cognition, Boosting Intelligence, and Raising Values. KMO caught up with Prof. Roberts on Skype and they talked about the use of psychedelics as a tool for thinking. Can psychedelics create a lasting change in one's personal values? What about enhancing cognitive function or the definition of what it means to be well-educated. The conversation drifts in transhumanist realms, and Prof. Roberts weighs in on how much of a human mind would not be captured by reproducing brain activity alone in silicone but not the activity of the gut.

Music by Foxygen. You can get the song on this episode of the podcast as a free download from their Facebook page.