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Dec 28, 2007

In this episode of Psychonautica, Max Freakout talks about Laura Huxley who died recently, and Ken Kesey and Tim Leary their attitude to psychedelics, then Max reads out a poem by Mrs Freakout inspired by a salvia trip. Then, in response to the last episode Max talks about the 'flying' experienced by SM afficionados, 'an ecstasy beyond orgasm', Aleister Crowley's idea of 'erotocomatose lucidity', the Lakota Indian's painful sundance rituals, and the difficulty in establishing a direct historical link between tantric sexual practises and psychedelics. Next, Max talks about conservative attitudes to sex and drugs, freedom of speech on the internet, egodeath theory and the free will debate, Heisenburg's uncertainty principal, the possibility of quantum computers, Sartre's idea of radically unlimited existential freedom, and it's implications for the controllability of your future self, the archaic revival, widespread boundary dissolution and synaethesia. Finally Max reads out an excellent 2-C-I trip report from Dyminshin. including lots of information about a number of different research chemicals. Email leave comments, Skype us, and join the ever-growing Psychedelic community hanging out at the forum.

Fingathing feat. Veba - slipping
Grooverider - Alien girl

Points often left out on egodeath theory mp3
almost fourteen years ago

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