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Feb 22, 2008

In this fortnight's installment of psychonautica, Max Freakout reads out a follow-up email from eschatonic about entheogen-induced anxiety and proceeds to talk about the pros and cons of using entheogens to combat such anxiety, in response to a mushroom trip report from eschatonic, Max talks about the auditory effects of psilocybin and the mushroom's mastery of aesthetics. Next Max talks about the spiritual healing effects of psychedelics, frequency of tripping, psychedelic tolerance including the abscence of tolerance with Salvia and DMT, the adrenaline rush often experienced alongside the DMT flash, the effects of DMT on the lungs and the difficulty of obtaining pure DMT. In response to psychonautica 26, Max talks more about Datura, the severity of its effects, its steep dose-response curve, the difference in potency between the leaves and the seeds of the Datura plant, Datura as the witch's flying ointment, genital application of Datura using broomsticks and the difficulty of finding a good Datura trip report because of its amnesic effect, and rowing your own Datura. Next, Max reads out an Amanita Muscaria trip report, then talks about the historical use of Amanita, pharmacratic inquisition and Clark Heinrich's book about the Amanita, the metaphorical meaning of Jesus' miracle 'turning water into wine' as a reference to urine drinking following Amanita consumption, the relative weakness of Amanita mushrooms as an entheogen, compared with psilocybe mushrooms, the similarity in appearance of the Amanita mushroom to other toxic species of mushroom. Next Max reads out a zany magic-truffle trip report, then talks about the possible extra-terrestrial origins of magic mushrooms, and its potential connection to scientology, and finally, Max reads out an excellent salvia trip report from Texas, involving rapid switching of realities, neverending loops, and world of warcraft. Email, skype us, and join the ever-growing community of psychonauts hanging out at the grow-report forum.

Playlist: Erykah Badu - Other side of the game; Krs one and Channel Live - Mad izm