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Oct 20, 2011

Hey Ganja Gang!

Welcome to the party and please make yourself at home for Episode 10 of the Scoobysnakks Smoking Session. It’s great to welcome you all back to the studio for another monthly helping of stoner inspired fun as we take another journey of sound through some gems in my toking music collection. I’ve a ton of great music, some very amusing comedy and some hiptastic poetry all within the show remit for the lovers of ganja to enjoy!

I’ve had a lot of fun putting this episode together and I sincerely hope you enjoy it alongside your Herb as I did in the production of it. It’s been a month of much tokage and this very much reflects in my choice of tunage this month. If you’re looking for something chilled – you’ve come to the right place!

Thanks to everyone out there across this spinning globe for downloading the previous episodes and I hope you’ve enjoyed the content so far! I still have much fantastic snippets of fun to bring you over the final two episodes and am looking forward to presenting them for your enjoyment over the next two months.

As ever, I am presenting the best 420 call in radio show of the week - Dopetribe Live on Planet London Radio every Sunday @ 7pm UK time. It’s a place for you to come listen, hang out and interact with members of the growing Dopetribe from all over the world. We need you to come and join us every Sunday to listen or to participate in this unique and bespoke show. We’d love to have you drop by and experience the LIVE Dopetribe in action! You can tune in LIVE by going to: OR

You can also find out the show start times in your part of the world by clicking here:

And with that, there goes another episode! I do hope you can join me again next month for the penultimate installment of the series. Until then, be excellent to each other…

Thanks for listening.



Track List

1. Carl Vega – The Blue Light

2. Lisa Hannigan – Ocean And A Rock

3. Groove Armada – Inside My Mind

4. Busy Signal – Spliff Tail

5. Dobie – Way Over

6. Ilements – Free Up The Herbs

7. Intersperse – Du Bi True

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