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Jun 17, 2013

The bag appeal of this legal high is not as tempting as that of a bag of top notch ganja.

Research chemical pellets?!


Not for human consumption?!?!

I'll stick to weed thanks...

The men from the science lab, they say yes!

Study Substantiates Benefits Of Cannabinoids For Post Traumatic Stress.

Cannabis should be MANDATORY for teachers worldwide?!

Piggies eat ganja, get the munchies and get fat. 

We use ganja, get the munchies, eat the piggies and get fat.

At least thats the idea.

Meh, waste of weed if you ask me...

Thats not very hospitable!

Ha, ha!

That will learn you!

Latest weed prices from Ganjaland!

Poland pushes for legalisation!,Thousands-march-for-legalisation-of-marijuana

Hold the press!

Miley Cyrus has a blingy phone with a diamante Ganja leaf!

Our children are doomed!

This story reminds me of a Monty Python clip from The Life Of Brian.

When the old guy was going to be stoned to death for uttering the name Jehova.

''re only making things worse for yourself!'

This shit has to stop!

I sincerly wish these ladies well.

This also used to happen during alcohol prohibition.

Tainted products.


I wonder what Mayor Bloomberg thinks about brain surgery?

Hocus pocus?

Another hoax?

What a klutz!

Yay, legal hemp in Cali!!!

It does seem to be only 'ex's' that say yes to regulated weed.

I have never heard any ex president actually say they may grow some dank themselves if it were legal though!

Good on you Vicente Fox!

Ha ha!

Dutch Gov ordered to pay compensation to coffee shops!

Lets hope this message gets through to them to back the fudge up, not be total douchebags and legally allow tourists to buy Cannabis again!


Viva le medicines du Cannabis!

France okays medical Cannabis!

Allow Winnipeggers to grow their own again!

Come on Prof Nutt, tell us what you really think...

"Bullshit about Cannabis in the Daily Fail soars by 3,000,000 % since the 60's and 70's!"

"Mary Brett declared dead three months ago but insists that she never recieved relevent email!"

"Peter Hitchens suicidal cat writes biography on living with a deluded old victorian misery guts!"

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Psychotropically yours.