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Jun 22, 2006

There's fantastic smokin and chillin tunes from all over the place in this weeks Sounds of World Wide Weed.  A BIG thanks to everyone that emailed recommendations for music to the show!  Also, check out some short insights into Queerninja's mushroom experiences.  Email:, leave some comments on the site, and Skype me baby!  The wind and rain are howling outside today in Scotland, so I'm busy dreaming of the sun.....
Playlist: In Tha Party 2 - Morodo; Acid Rain Drops - People Under The Stairs; Curbside Prophet - Jason Mraz; Marijuana - Phish; I Am The Walrus - The Beatles; Mink Car - They Might Be Giants; Slew Dem And Done - Dezarie.

almost eighteen years ago

I just would like to say thanks for opening my eyes (ears) to the world. I would of never discovered the wide range of music out there.
love the show. keep it up?
Also ive been telling all I could about your show
and would like to know if you could show some love back to your people at COOLUDE.COM (kind of like myspace) but better. THANKS again and hay hit me up some time. -Blessed Be

Lydia W
almost eighteen years ago

I love this Dopefiend network :)
I discovered you by way of This Might Be a Wiki (, a They Might Be Giants Wiki for all us crazed and nuance-obsessed fans. Anyhow, they had mentioned the fact that the Dopefiend Network had a \\\'World Wide Weed\\\' show that played \\\'Mink Car\\\' by good \\\'ol TMBG. Much to my delight, this was also obviously a stoner show...and not only had one of my top 5 favorite bands, TMBG, but also \\\'I Am The Walrus\\\' by my absolute fav band of all time! I was further impressed later, listening to some older shows, to hear that you, queerninja, did a cover of another top 5 for me, DONOVAN! I adore freakin\\\' Donovan...way to go guys, truely fantastic!

Kyle Moore
over eighteen years ago

Hey man.....
Thanks again for brightening up my thursday, it\'s seems like i wait for thursday to have my big adventures, and queerninja sets the score, you said you went back over and listened to the trance show and found some mistakes,,,, me too, just one...NOT LONG ENOUGH,no, just wanted to say thanks for taking out the time to do this every week, your taking over my thursdays..... but hey im about to go trip with my friends and of course we will fire up the sounds of world wide weed, and ill write you during the trip....thanks man.. and p.s I WILL TRY HARD TO DO THE SKYPE.....piece and love.... Ky^Le

Kyle moore
over eighteen years ago

hey ninja,
Wow, i don\'t know if you have taken morning glory seeds before, but that is what im currently tripping on, it\'s not so much a visual trip, rather a body high, however i think it\'s having some auditory effects as well. I know that you just finished the show with song from your listeners but i just wanted to pass on a few things, I know you mentioned some things about \"west Coast beats\" which i do admit get a bit old and repetitive. however a favorite stoner band of mine put out a cd remixing their songs, with a bit of a more worldly, and psychedelic feel. Its by the Kottonmouth Kings and the cd.s called kottonmouth experience. Also check out incubus and the song aqueous transmission, it\'s a fav of mine... atleast for the rest of the week. oh yea... jefferson starship has been floating around my playlist for awhile....

well beginning to trip... so ill catch you around

piece and love man
ignore the typos

Ja Mon
over eighteen years ago

Greetings from the Emerald Triangle

This was the best year in almost 30 years.