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Apr 20, 2022

The Dopefiend is joined, at a very early hour, for another 420 special by the Gremlin of Ganja in London, Syconot in California, HudsonRulez in Toronto, Scottobaggins and Green Lady in London, J Hobbes in Poland, Mrs Mole and TeenagePie in Halmstead. We cover such varied topics as Hudsonrulez's new job hauling cannabis and the necessity of firearms, the various strains and devices on display at this year's 420 including the Volcano Hybrid, the Ispire Wand and the Tafée Bowle. We also touch on the sad demise of VapeXhale in the past few months. We talk about the rise of Stardawg as a new bedrock strain in the UK, intravenous Ketamine as a treatment of depression, the latest on the UK medical cannabis scene, of which TeenagePie is now partaking, and how the police are responding to it, the use of CBD and CBN including some talk of surprising results with high dose CBN, a story of a DopeTribe grower whose grow was discovered by the police, and the recent disappearance of Blank Steve: can the Dopetribe find him? Contact the Dopefiend via Twitter @Dopefiend or via email