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over sixteen years ago

Easy all! Much love to Mixaa...! Thanks for the comments guys, guess you can\'t please everyone, but if you like the shows that makes me happy and you\'re so welcome for them. If not, maybe keep looking for something you do like and please stop worrying about it. It\'s kinda simple :) Much love and peace...QN!

over sixteen years ago

Hey I like this guy, his voice is really easy on the ears. It\'s fun to hear someone who\'s really enjoying listening to music and being stoned.

over sixteen years ago

Peaceful, happy and when he laughs it makes me smile or laugh too. What a treat. And the music is fantastic.

Jeff (makeitglow)
fifteen and a half years ago

I really miss you, QN.

sixteen and a half years ago

Queer ninja ... what a fuck up, I mean seriously, the guy cant even get out a 1 hour MUSIC podcast a week.

All that non-stop giggling was clear signs of mental deterioration.

chris kent
over sixteen years ago

whats with all the negative guys, this is no place for bad vibes. Queerninja u seem like a man who is one with himself, at peace with the world. I hope one day to be at peac with myself. Your music is great and it is nice to listen to sometihng other than my hard house and hardcore for a change. thank you queerninja ure the man.

Big Yellow Mog
over seventeen years ago

Queerninja is also a badbay at reassigning STB\'s and and a dab hand with an ORCT...