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Jun 30, 2011

BB's Bungalow #46

Up Close with Poco La Pax: PadmanAbe & Mocker visit!


It’s getting cold in Melbourne but the Bungalow is toasty and warm, the Volcano and Iolite at the ready!

This month we’re joined by PadmanAbe and Mocker to talk about PadmanAbe’s band “Poco La Pax”, a great energetic sound which PadmanAbe describes as dance, pop, electronic!  Of course, we did this over a Volcano sesh so we’ll also take the time to chill out and chat about the topics dear to the Bungalow: mushrooms, weed and acid!

Why not drop us an email to or find BB on Skype at BlackBeauty1977 or Twitter at BlackBeauty.  We love receiving your trip reports, questions, product reviews, voicemails, comedy or music that you would like to hear on the Bungalow.  Every little bit you send helps out with putting these shows together for you, on the last Thursday of each and every month!

This month, Tirikite Toker is having a well-earned break but he’ll be back next month to share some more exotic tracks from his world music vault. If you’d like to request some world music or find out more about a style or genre, drop him and email to




Poco La Pax

(you get the idea….)

DubClub Vol 3


Sugar: The Bitter Truth

How to Make Cannabutter - Medical Marijuana Butter Recipe


Home of DeoGenz and Vladamir Z - Video Game Let's Plays


Law Enforcement Against Prohibition


P l a y l i s t : No Exit - Gil Scott-Heron; Rising Sun - Poco La Pax; Clip: Drug Debate, Channel Ten News Australia; excerpt from DubClub Vol. 3 - DubClub DJ's; Escape The Grid - DeoGenZ; Light In Your Body - Poco La Pax; Celestial Terrestrial Commuters - Mahavishnu Orchestra; Clip: Law Enforcement Addicted To Drug Revenue - Norm Stamper; Armando's Rhumba - Bobby McFerrin and Chick Corea.

Gather your sesh buddies for a vape and smoke at the Bungalow!

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