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Dec 27, 2007

It's the middle of summer here Down Under and BB's Bungalow heats up with a Christmas & New Year's, End of Year, special episode!
Join us for a bumper episode of BB's Bungalow (our biggest yet!) and get festively blazed while we rock to some new music from all over the world and laugh along with some Christmas comedy.  We'll also get an educational lesson as we learn what 'ganja' is known as in other parts of the world. 
This month at the Bungalow we've got not 1 - but 2 guests in for a chat! 
The first is a listener to the Dopefiend network and regular contributor to the forums: Tirikite Toker.  We are lucky enough to have Tirikite Toker join us at the Bungalow with the sweet, hypnotic sounds of his beautiful Tabla instrument.
After this, we'll be joined by a new face at the Bungalow: Tortoise.  Sit back and listen while Tortoise and I discuss everything from DXM to Nitrous Oxide and Poppy Seed tea.  You'll even hear a few live Nitrous Oxide trips! 
Joining us once again is Double Doc but in line with this being a *special* episode, Double Doc joins us instead as a guest with Tortoise - he will resume answering your medical questions next month.  Please continue sending them in, no matter how simple or complex to or post it on the 'What's Up Double Doc' thread on the forums.
Remember to email or Skype the Bungalow on BlackBeauty1977.  We love hearing from you guys with your praise, feedback or constructive criticism.  And remember to chill out with a new BB's Bungalow on the last Thursday of each and every month!

David Seume:

Playlist: Bluebird - One Self; Frenemy - Seume; Comedy Clip - 12 Days of Christmas from Dr Demento; Pretty Green (feat. Santo Gold) - Mark Ronson; The Ganja Song - Ainsworth Rose; Namaste - Spaceport Orchestra; Patty Lee - Les Savy Fav; Comedy Clip - Bud Bud Bud Bud; Smoked Glass and Chrome - Ott.