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Dec 27, 2010

On the second episode of this festive season's run of spectacular new DopeTribe Dispatches episodes, Truthmissile kicks the fun off as he fires up his vaporizer and talks about his local dispensary, the Natural Way in Los Angeles, why Proposition 19 failed, and the other political issues surrounding cannabis in California. Next, Samwise and Dicky Doo pass an expensive doob in a secret down under location and converse about enjoying life, watching girls dance, Dicky's travels, Dopestock and other stoner subjects. Pecos the Cat presents an unusual "found audio" dispatch inspired by Mangled Meditations and including several "risque songs" and a story about the sexual appetite of camels, then High007, okietokie and WesternBlot let us in on their recent smoking session in Oklahoma as they talk about how they first encountered cannabis, their careers, The Grow Report forum, what the Gremlin of Ganja is like in person, Amsterdam, iPhone apps and more! Finally,'s psychedelic correspondent Max Freakout presents a cerebral dispatch in which he talks about the philosophical side of psychedelic research, comparing psychedelic altered states to the experience of schizophrenia. Don't miss more stunning dispatches next week!

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