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Jan 9, 2012

On this week's stunning new collection of awesome DopeTribe Dispatches submitted by DopeTribers around the world, we hear from Flick, who interviews some fellow female stoners in an attempt To dispel the myth that there are less female stoners than male stoners, tries too find out why it is that female stoners seem to be more incognito than their male counterparts, and whether the cannabis community is a dangerous place for the fairer sex. Next, Strata talks about home brewn ayahuasca, how it's made, how he first encountered it,  how to take it,  how to get the most out of it, and the difference over 50 experiences have made to his life. Jeweller John tells the story of his visit to the legendary Ann Arbor Hash Bash and how he first realised that there was a tribe of people just like him, then reviews the cannabis speakeasy scene in Oakland and talks about his disappointing experience of medical dispensaries. Shockrocket and Stoo tell the story of how they met and the role ganja has played in their relationship, in a story that takes us from Africa to Thailand and finally the Netherlands! Finally, Guerilla stoner takes the DopeTribe along on a stoney walk and  regales us all with a series of mind bending trip reports from himself and his stoner circle, including tripping at parties, tripping at school, and a full on peruvian shamanic journey!

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