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Apr 21, 2008

On this special 4/20 episode of the DOpecast, the Dopefiend welcomes an array of special guests to the Dope Den, starting with Skunk Magazine's Gooey Rabinski who talks about how he'll be spending the official Stoner's Holiday, how the Canadian scene has been the driving force in spreading comfortable and civilized smoking environments into the Cannabis Culture and how it compares with Amsterdam on that front, how alcohol and Cannabis are separated in Amsterdam and why that's a good idea, peppered with some confusion as to why anyone would ever choose alcohol as their drug of choice, then tells us the story of how Gooey was first introduced to Cannabis, then they discuss their respective stashes, featuring a paeon of praise from the Dopefiend for the supreme Jack Flash before Gooey signs off, and the Dopefiend heads into the VaporLounge for a vaping session with Squidgy Sid and G-13, who tell him about their recent trip to Amsterdam and how the more sedate Jordaan area compares to the city centre. Following a Venezuelan musical interlude, the dopefiend continues talking to squidgy sid and G-13 about the incredible diplomatic hash that they've managed to get hold of, comparing it to ultra-strength THC extract Budder, and also about a shared evening of Cannabis Cookie mayhem in a French farmhouse, then the trio head for the first time EVER on the Dopecast into the Dope Den garden to enjoy a joint of the aforementioned diplomatic hash and talk about Granny Pat's latest foray into the Cannabis News and Gordon Brown's seeming reluctance to take up the Advisory Council on the Misuse of Drugs' advice and how bad drug information and bad drug laws can lead to more crime and harm to society. Back in the warmth of the Dope Den, the dopefiend reads an email from Kenzler covering the subject of Cannabis compared to prescription drugs, the Zeke gives us his review of the new remote-controlled Extreme Vaporizer, and finally the news that Sativex, the synthetic THC-spray intended to replace medicinal marijuana, is no more effective than a placebo. Don't miss our first podcast from Dopestock 2008 next Monday! Email your comments, questions and suggestions to, send us a voicemail and drop by our Skype Virtual VaporLounge, and check out the forum.

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Playlist: Harold Cagler - Poor Country Boy; Mr. De' - Please Believe It; Ruben Romero - Para La Virgen; Pink Skull -  U.g.uo.aaaahhhhh; Tafari Roots - E.C.T.; Sean Noonan, Brewed By Noon - Pat the Cat; Infinito 2017 - I'm Always Horny; Jef Stott - Lamaset (Miami Mix); Moodafaruka - Orpheus Rising; Balla et ses Balladins - Sara '70; Benjamin Lapidus - Ein Kelokeinu

Podcast Image: Diplomatic Hash by Squidgy Sid. Submit your pics here:

Harold Cagler
"Poor Country Boy" (mp3)
from "Poor Country Boy"
(Bogalusa Music Group)
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Mr. De'
"Please Believe It" (mp3)
from "Holi'De'"
(Submerge Recordings)
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Ruben Romero
"Para La Virgen" (mp3)
from "Our Lady of the Guitar"
(Talking Taco Music)
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Pink Skull
"U.g.uo.aaaahhhhh" (mp3)
from "Zeppelin 3"
(Free News Projects)
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Tafari Roots
"E.C.T." (mp3)
from "Faca De Ponta"
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Sean Noonan, Brewed By Noon
"Pat the Cat" (mp3)
from "Sean Noonan's Being Brewed by Noon - Live from New York and Beyond..."
(Innova Recordings)
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Infinito 2017
"I'm Always Horny" (mp3)
from "Welcome To the World of Hmmmmm"
(Nephew of Frank Records)
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Jef Stott
"Lamaset" (mp3)
from "Saracen"
(Six Degrees Records)
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"Orpheus Rising" (mp3)
from "Essential Moodafaruka"
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Balla et ses Balladins
"Sara '70" (mp3)
from "The Syliphone Years"
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Benjamin Lapidus
"Ein Kelokeinu" (mp3)
from "Herencia Judía"
(Tresero Productions)
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