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May 11, 2009

On the third and final dopecast from this 2009's extraordinary DopeStock extravaganza in the Capital City of Cannabis, the Web's Favourite Cannabis Commentator, the Dopefiend, opens up the festivities in the basement of Amsterdam's most comfortable coffeeshop, the Dolphins, for the DopeStock Evening Session. To kick things off, the Dopefiend chats to Dopetribe mainstay G13 about his ingenious technique for getting Son of Gonzo to buy him drinks in exchange for rolling joints, and which strains are looking popular for the DopeStock cup, then seeks Bushmiller's opinion about the setting for the Evening Session, the Verdamper vaporizers installed at the Dolphins, then talks to Son of Gonzo himself, and Dr. Dank about his experience of Amsterdam as a regular visitor, which vaporizer he prefers out of his iolite and Volcano, and how the Volcano enabled him to cut out smoking altogether and whether he misses the ritual of rolling joints. Moving over to Pothead and Shockrocket's table, the Dopefiend chats with the guys about their level of stonedness, how the votes are tallying up for the DopeStock Cup and why Pothead doesn't smoke anymore, then the Dopefiend talks to DopeTribe newcomer Noah who's rushed down to the Dolphins following a hard day's studying for the Evening Session about his opinion of the iolite compared to his trusty Volcano, then asks all three for their opinion of whether Peresident Barack Obama is a good president for Cannabis Users. Pothead having cleared a blockage in the iolite, the Dopefiend loads it with some White Dolphin, while Pothead talks about the strange spectacle of iolite users sucking up ground buds into the iolite herb chamber, then Noah gives his opinion of the flavour and the strength of the iolite hit. Heading over to where Ostritt's gearing up for the joint rolling competition, the Dopefiend eavesdrops on his plans for a winning joint, then talks to him about the poetry competition he's holding at the Evening Session, and the book that he's giving away as the prize, his own creation, Beyond The Basin, and whether his own Cannabis use mirrors that of his protagonist in terms of spiritual and recreational use, before the whole table chimes in on the subject of watching TV when stoned, and then the Dopefiend and Ostritt manage to convince poetry competition entrant Crowley's Wife to read her entry. Next up the Dopefiend talks to Dopestock veteran Jonny B who gives his expert view of this year's DopeStock, and also chats to HudsonRulez, Dr. Dank and the Herodians about their thoughts on Amsterdam and their votes for the DopeStock Cup. Following a musical interlude, the Dopefiend opens the 2009 DopeStock joint rolling competition with judges Herodian and Dr. Dank casting their view over the handiwork of Herodian, Ostritt, a controversial submission from G13, Blazing Glory and DanSon who submitted a "joint" entry under the name "Team Glass Onion", some absurdity from Billy G and Will, and a final entry from Jonny B, before the judges make their final decision on the winning and running up submissions. Joint rolling completed, the Dopefiend and HudsonRulez open the voting for the DopeStock Cup, passing the two finalists round in joint form and iolite form and getting opinions from Pothead, Shockrocket, Noah, Komrade, G13, DutchBoy, Mullet and Billy G, before tallying the final votes and announcing the winner of this year's DopeStock Cup, with yet more controversy surrounding a miserable G13. Finishing the evening's festivities, we hear the remaining entries for the Poetry competition with words from HudsonRulez, Son of Gonzo and Bushmiller and Ostritt announces the winners of 2 copies of Beyond The Basin. Join the Dopefiend back in the Dope Den next week as normal service resumes on the Dopecast! Email, send us a voicemail and drop by our Skype Virtual VaporLounge, and check out the forum.

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Playlist: The Screaming Bluejays (Son of Gonzo's Band) - Soul Child

Podcast Image: The "Dovetail Joint" by Team Glass Onion. Submit your pics here: