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Nov 23, 2009

On the 200th episode of the Web's Favourite Cannabis Podcast, LIVE from the UK Hemp Expo at the Old Truman Brewery in the East End of London, the Dopefiend is joined by a huge array of DopeTribers and stoner-celebrities for a fourth anniversary extravaganza! First off, the Dopefiend talks to MartialAnt about the source of his personal supply of Bubblegum which immediately gets passed around in a fired-up iolite vaporizer, then turns to Soft Secrets' DannyGreenFingers about his love of auto-flowering strains and why they can do better than their reputation suggests, and certainly better than your average street weed, and how he's found considerable success with LED units in his grow operation. Next up, with another iolite freshly packed with some Original UK Cheese, the Dopefiend talks to the sponsor of the 200th episode, Coffeeshop supremo Pothead about his year at the Podcast Network and is just seeking his views on the sacking of top UK government drug adviser Professor David Nutt as Dopecast favourite Druidude rocks up to throw his two cents into the debate, touching on the original intention of the Misuse of Drugs Act, how the row has hurt the government, and how Britain's legal situation compares with a more favourable cannabis climate in the United States, and whether we'll ever see legalization in the UK. After a message from DopeTriber VictoriaPandora, the Dopefiend talks to British breeder and seedseller Big Buddha about his life as a breeder, the growth of the UK breeding scene thanks to the ubiquitous Cheese strain, then following messages from Grow Report Forum Vapor-Mod HudsonRulez, and DopeTribers Nexus and Co-Host, the Dopefiend talks to new Dopetribers Nathan and Geeza about the UK Hemp Expo, their own grow operation which is yielding some tasty fruits. After some words from regular Dopecast contributor Christine, the Dopefiend talks to Max Freakout about his hankering to return to growing bud, and about his views on the sacking of David Nutt, then we hear from Dopecast regular Esse B, before the Dopefiend heads over to the iolite stall for a chat with iolite head honcho Ciarán about the success of the incredible iolite portable vaporizer, the copycat market that's sprung up around it, the future for the iolite itself, and an incredible chance to win one of four iolites in the colour of your choice in a new Dopecast competition. After another chance to hear the Soundscape Gardener's incredible Dopecast anthem Hats Off To The Dopefiend, the Dopefiend returns to chat with another musical hero as ScoobySnakks from Dopecast favourite band Hey Negrita joins the party to chat about the new technology on offer at the expo, and the band's latest movements, then following some words from DopeTribe mainstay Son of Gonzo, the Dopefiend catches up with stoner luminary John Sinclair, for a chat about the legal status of medical cannabis in the United States, especially John's home state of Michigan and why governments are so keen to push alcohol while prohibiting mind-expanding substances, before John gives an impromptu performance of his classic "It's All Good". Following a message from DopeStock regular UpYer, the Dopefiend heads over to the MiniVap store to take an in-depth look at this new high-end (and extremely high-priced!) portable vaporizer with the help of Dr. Chronic and Max Freakout, after which we hear from BrownIrish, and the Seedsman stops by to update the DopeTribe on the seed scene in the UK, the popularity of the auto-flower strains, and the possibilities of legalization in the UK. Finally on this 200th episode mega-session, after a message from Ronan, the Dopefiend heads into a corner with Wegface, Farmux, Herodian and many more for a Volcano session involving some British-grown Jack Herer and some powerful Kent-grown Original UK Cheese while talking about the scourge of adulterated weed, the growth of the UK growing scene, how the iolite's grown on the DopeTribe over its first year of availability and how too much toking brought on a Cannabinoid Hyperemesis attack for Esse B. Email, send us a voicemail and drop by our Skype Virtual VaporLounge, and check out the forum.

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Playlist: The Soundscape Gardener - Hats Off To The Dopefiend; John Sinclair - It's All Good (Live at the Hemp Expo 2009)

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