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Aug 22, 2011

On the second part of our immense 2 episode Big Chill 2011 Dopecast Extravaganza, we rejoin the Dopefiend and his team of intrepid tripsters on Saturday evening immediately following their first dose of 2c-i, as they look back their Big Chill experience so far and their struggle with the MDMA comedown, and talk about how they adjusted their plans for the rest of the weekend to include a "dopeflip" (2c-i + MDMA), leaving LSD as a pure experience for the last night. As the 2c-i comes on the Dopefiend, Nez, Flick and Jay talk about whether cross-tolerances will affect their ability to experience the full benefits of the drugs that remain in their collective stash, and how the absence of the Gremlin of Ganja has affected the vibe at the Chill this year. Next the Dopefiend talks to Pothead about how his low blood sugar has limited his activities at the weekend. Some time later, with the 2c-i starting to take hold, the Dopefiend returns to the microphone at Mr. Scruff's Tea Tent and talks to Nez and Stubbs who have each re-upped with additional doses, and who describe how the drug is affecting them, and Pothead explains his raving attire before Nez talks about how he's been spending some personal time with the WISPR vaporizer over the weekend and has made a firm decision to buy one of his own as soon as possible. Next, as Kanye West embarks on an hour-long encore and the bass wrecks the mic, the Dopetribers in attendance throw a large dose of MDMA on top of the 2c-i and also factor in a couple of nos balloons as they wait for 2manyDJs to take the stage. A couple of hours later, fully into the throes of their Dopeflip experience, the Dopefiend and Monkey discuss 2manyDJs and the rest of the night, how 2c-i has enhanced the second night's MDMA experience, Floydhead's return to the festival after a full day's hard work, and how much attention Jay K puts into ensuring that the Dopetribe are safe and sound. Next, at the end of a truly epic night, the Dopefiend and Stubbs discuss the night's activities, the Dopeflip, and Floydhead and Nez chatter as they climb the hill back to the DopeTent for some early morning spliffage, nos and some much-needed sleep. After about 2 hours' sleep, the Dopetribe awaken and immediately start passing round the LSD for the final day's trippage, as Jay describes how he's still hallucinating on 2c-i, and Floydhead talks about how he managed to film a wedding while coming down from MDMA, and the entire tribe peer pressure Flick, the Wendy to our Lost Boys, into joining them on their final day acid journey which starts out with some broken French chat, and a description of Nez's tasty ganja stash, and a quick visit from MartialAnt. Next, Floydhead heads off to ensure that Stubbs has dropped acid in his tent. On Floydhead's return, the DopeTribe discuss whether Stubbs's single tab drop is sufficient, Pecos the Cat's technique for tripping, and they speak to Pothead whose cut his losses and headed back home after a Big Chill plagued by illness, before Stubbs arrives at the DopeTent and succumbs to the pressure to take another trip. Later in the same trip there's more nos action, the floor starts rippling, and all the DopeTribers are captivated by Daft Punk and Samuel L Jackson mobile apps! Some hours later, the Dopefiend, Floydhead, Stubbs and Nez head in to the main arena to find food and other stimulation, discuss whether to take still more drugs and how MDMA enables you to spot rave gremlins. Later still, our daring drug fiends discuss their acid experience and how it compared to the other trips of the weekend, and their views of Robert Plant's set. Finally, we join the Dopefiend, Jay, Flick, Nez and Floydhead, the survivors of a truly extreme and epic adventure as they debrief eachother on the extraordinary goings-on of the past 120 hours, and call time on the Dopetribe's Big Chill escapades for good. Email, send us a voicemail, follow @dopefiend and the new Virtual VaporLounge on twitter, and check out the forum.

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Podcast Image: The Dopetribe recline as their LSD wears off in front of Rodrigo y Gabriela in the Big Chill main arena. Look out for a sleeping Nez on the right hand side!  Submit your pics here: or via twitter @dopefiend

Playlist: MGMT - Kids (Soulwax Remix)