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Mar 19, 2012

On this week's epsiode of the Web's Favourite Cannabis Podcast the Dopefiend is joined by a huge crowd of DopeTribers in the DopeCave to celebrate the breaking of his two-week Dopefast and test his new-found low tolerance. First, the Dopefiend performs his newly created DopeFast-breaking ceremony which culminates in a nice deep hit of vapour from his ThermoVape vaporizer, then he turns to one of several new members of the DopeTribe in attendance at the day's festivities, Taboosoundz, who tells the story of how he recently became homeless in Amsterdam, and how it opened his eyes to true Dutch culture, his thoughts about vaporizers and why he prefers a traditional spliff. Next, the Dopefiend turns to Orson, the organizer of the London Cannabis Club who talks about how the Peter Reynolds debacle has brought the British cannabis community to a greater level of unity, as well as what the London Cannabis Club and the accompanying movement of UK Cannabis Social Clubs which have sprung up around Britain in the last 8 months are working towards, before the Dopefiend introduces him to the vaporizer revolution by presenting him with a brand new Magic Flight Launch Box vaporizer on behalf of Magic Flight. Next, the Dopefiend turns to Max Freakout and talks to him about the impending DopeStock celebrations in Amsterdam, and what the recent government animosity towards the cannabis movement means for us DopeTribers, which leads into a tangent around psychedelic research chemicals. Next, after wishing Max luck for his coming wedding, the Dopefiend whips out his ThermoVape T1, the world's first portable convection vaporizer and gets max Freakout's and ProfessorVape's opinions on it, then chats with Scoobysnakks and Hatchy on the occasion of their first visit to the Dopecave, and how Scoobysnakks appears to be coming round to the idea of using vaporizers as well as his famous Scooby Doobies! Walking past a very stoned Scragtag, the Dopefiend heads over to Stubbs and Barefoot Poncho Jesus who have a few tokes on the ThermoVape before Barefoot Poncho Jesus and Green Lady lend a hand in drawing the final two winners of our series of portable vaporizer prize draws. After checking in with Scottobaggins and Green Lady, who are looking forward to this year's Dopestock, the Dopefiend talks to UK Stoner, another brand new member of the DopeTribe who tells how easy it is to become part of real-life DopeTribe events like today's meeting at the DopeCave, before returning to Taboosoundz who gives his thoughts on the uncertain future of Amsterdam. After some Cannabis News from Homer, including the story of the small Spanish town leasing its land for ganja cultivation in a bid to clear its debts, the nuclear-strength weed which reportedly gives anyone who even smells it cancer, and whether or not Sativex really does get you high. Finally, the Dopefiend and DopeTribe finish out a great day by continuing to vape and smoke in the shelter of the DopeCave to their hearts' content! Email, send us a voicemail, follow @dopefiend and the new Virtual VaporLounge on twitter, and check out the forum.

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Join the Dopefiend, BlackBeauty, Scoobysnakks, Nexus, Pothead, Max Freakout and friends for the biggest ever DopeStock on April 20th 2012 in Amsterdam. For details see here:!

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