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Apr 30, 2012

On the first of our incredible episodes of the Web's Favourite Cannabis Podcast LIVE from Amsterdam, the Dopefiend welcomes the DopeTribe to the capital city of cannabis by inviting them on board the famous cannabis canal cruise, an exclusive experience on a privately-chartered luxury vessel through the canals of Amsterdam, billowing thick smoke clouds as she goes! First, the Dopefiend is accosted by Delta-9 Labs' Ed Borg who gets the party started by thrusting a water pipe loaded with a knockout combination of Brainstorm Haze budder, Simpson Kush dry-sieve and bubblehash, which almost brings an end to the Dopecast immediately by stripping the lining from the Dopefiend's vocal chords! Thankfully the Dopefiend is able to fight through the pain and the coughs and talk to Scoobysnakks, SGawain and long-time Dopecast contributor Christine about how their Dopestock experience is going so far before talking to Christine about how the scene in Amsterdam compares to the medical marijuana movement in her native Oregon, and getting her thoughts on the proposed ban on cannabis tourism in the Netherlands, due to come into being later this year. Next, the Dopefiend heads over to Komrade Komura who is also suffering from the effects of Ed Borg's monster salad, and who talks about how Amsterdam has changed since he was last here, and why he's stayed away from psychedelics for so long. Next, the Dopefiend heads over to talk to DopeTribe newcomer Eyeway, who talks about the experience of being part of a huge DopeTribe army in Amsterdam, and to Hazy Jay, who made it a personal mission to make it to Dopestock when he heard that this year's was likely to be the last, and then Scoobysnakks talks about the incredible Dopestock pre-party at the Greenhouse Lounge, which brought many DopeTribers together for the first time, before Kush King tells the story of how he almost missed the canal cruise, and how he's been filming many episodes for his video podcast Rollin' with Kush King. Next, the Dopefiend talks to Puurke about his first Dopestock experience, whether the 4/20 protest will have any effect on the government's plans, and what the legal status of cannabis is in his native Belgium. Next, the Dopefiend passes DopeTribe mainstays Pothead from Pothead's Coffeeshop and SGawain before sitting down next to BB who is also podcasting live from the Canal Cruise, and who is thoroughly enjoying trying out Pecos the Cat's Arizer Solo packed with fresh fruity Cannasutra from Delta-9 Labs. The two cannabis podcasting greats discuss how Amsterdam and the DopeTribe have both grown since the last time they were together, whether BB's Bungalow or the Dopecast will ever come to an end, and what form that end will eventually take. Heading inside the boat, the Dopefiend bumps into Ed Borg who is still administering monster hits from his bubbler to any DopeTriber willing to take a hit, and who also talks about the last year's developments at Delta-9 Labs, whether cannabis tourism will ever be banned in Amsterdam, and how Ed plans to get around it, and his experience of the police raid on last year's High Times Cannabis Cup. The Dopefiend turns to Dex420 who managed to snag a last minute space on the Cannabis Canal Cruise, before sidling up to Swedish DopeTribers Bagler, ZyBear and Sanka, who all talk about the situaton in Sweden regarding cannabis law. Next the Dopefiend talks to the Green Lady who is concerned about police action at the 4/20 smokeout, before talking to Japanese DopeTriber Hopot, who made his Dopestock Debut last year, about being back in Amsterdam, and also chatting to Scottobaggins about the gourmet strains that he's been sampling while in Amsterdam, briefly interrupted by a strange psychedelic tunnel experience featuring TeenagePie. Next the Dopefiend talks to Scragtag about his first day in Amsterdam this year, before Esse B rocks up in a state of extreme stoneage. Next, the Dopefiend talks to recent DopeTribe recruit Weeshug about his time with the DopeTribe and how the tolerance to cannabis use in Amsterdam has been changing in the years since he first came to Amsterdam, before turning to J. Dank, Dr Dank, Oleg and Davelisterscrak who are collaborating on a monster joint. J. Dank tells what life is like as an American stoner living in Moscow, and Dr Dank gives his view, as a resident of Germany, on the proposed ban on cannabis tourism in Amsterdam. Next the Dopefiend turns to a croaky Glastomongrel, who is struggling to keep his voice in the face of such extreme stoneage, before heading over to printer pioneer Tim Prince who tells how he has become fully enmeshed in the DopeTribe over the last year, and of his plans for the 4/20 protest. Next, Mrs. Mole talks about her DopeStock experience, and explains how she is being challenged to come up with more than eighteen uses for an elastic band, Nexus from Shroom with a View gives his thoughts about the proposed ban on cannabis tourism, and Dopestock veteran Jay K tells why he feels Amsterdam is cleaner and friendlier than before, and gives his vote for the Green Place's Pineapple Kush as an early favourite for the DopeStock Cup. A shock announcement that Mrs Mole has discovered a ninth use for an elastic band brings the Dopefiend back towards Mrs Mole, and leads him to seek TeenagePie's feelings about this DopeStock being the last, and the absence of the Gremlin of Ganja. While on the subject of absent friends, the Dopefiend turns to Esse B who is signing a card for IoliteKnight who sadly couldn't make it either, and who talks about the intensity of Ed Borg's oil. Finally the Dopefiend chats to Pecos the Cat, thclee, Nez and Taozer who are all making return visits to Amsterdam for Dopestock, and who are extolling the virtues of renting their own apartment with a group of fellow tribers. Email, send us a voicemail, follow @dopefiend and the new Virtual VaporLounge on twitter, and check out the forum.

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