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Nov 27, 2006

In the Web's Favourite Cannabis Podcast this week, the Dopefiend talks more about religion and smoking, and the connections between hinduism and Cannabis, discusses legal highs and the benefits or otherwise of recently banned BZP, more on how the elections have affected stoners in the US, updates some stories from Vancouver and Toronto with the help of Skype, and even answers some criticisms! In this week's cannabis news, the Aussie kids who just say no, the car that came with an unexpected add-on, and the world's biggest joint. Email, leave a comment, Skype me, and check out the forum.

The good Reverend's links to some Christian Cannabis info
Save Yr Generation Podcast
Christians for Cannabis
420 temple

Chad's pic of some Vancouver stoner landmarks

Playlist: Sara Tavares - Balance; Benjamin Devigne - Beginner; Hieroglyphics - Powers That Be; Surreal & The Sound Providers - Life & Rhymes; Adrian Sherwood - Pass The Rizla; Jern Eye ft Noelle of The Rebirth - Insight; Julian Fauth - You Can't Choose The World You Live In; Blacksoul - Original Sinner; Spiral Soundsystem vs Jerry Mane - Sizzled Dub; Russell Malone - He Said What?

Download "Balance" (mp3)
from "Balance"
by Sara Tavares
World Connection BV


Download "Beginner" (mp3)
from "The Soul & The Jazz of ..."
by Benjamin Devigne
Still Music

Download "Powers That Be" (mp3)
from "Full Circle"
by Hieroglyphics
Hieroglyphics Imperium

Download "Life & Rhymes" (mp3)
from "True Indeed"
by Surreal & The Sound Providers
Quarternote/ABB Records


Download "Insight f. Noelle of The Rebirth" (mp3)
from "Authentic Vintage"
by Jern Eye
NatAural High Records



Download "You Can't Choose the World You Live In" (mp3)
from "Songs of Vice and Sorrow"
by Julian Fauth
Electro-Fi Records


Download "Original Sinner" (mp3)
from "Original Sinner"
by Blacksoul
Deepfunk Records

Download "Sizzled Dub" (mp3)
from "Dub Rascals Volume 1"
by Various Artists
Little Rascal Records

Download "He Said What?" (mp3)
from "Live at Jazz Standard Volume One"
by Russell Malone

Podcast image comes courtesy of Conquerin' Lion who says: Im enlosing a photo of the fuits of our nature that you folks literaly helped me grow. They grew throughout the summer with you. They were 6 females and they all came sadly from bag seed.  However I did not touch them till I knew they were maturing to perfection. They grew well and smelled like great buds coverd in tricomes. At which point I harvested 2 every 2 weeks rougly as the weather got colder. Ive now 2 and a half quarts of very nice canabis as you can see in the picture, they are resting on my most favorite ROAR. So in closing gents I wish to say that your PODCASTS found me, taught me and created a safe sound canabis user who realizes the importance of this wonderfull plant.  You folks did well with me,,,thank you! Send your images in to

seventeen and a half years ago

If cannabis was legalized by the states, the federal government would have to yield power. According to Amendment X to the US Constitution says the powers not delegated to the United States by the Constitution, nor prohibited by it to the states, are reserved to the states respectively, or to the people.

Rev. Nipahc
seventeen and a half years ago

Its great to hear I was on this podcast.

May God bless the Dopecast! May the world see the true nature of cannabis! I especially appericate the mature views you spoke of today! We should be professional enough to keep ourselves from not being able to handle situations we need to be in full alert like driving. So many people look at smokers as full stoners who can\'t do without a joint hanging in their mouth and having no ability to perceive whats smart.

Also I wanted to bring up a few videos
is quite great! Penn & Teller discussing how Cannabis probation is so stupid. It also features the Volcano in a big Scene!

Also the talk of the Church of the Universe getting busted reminded me The 420 Temple was also busted into. Footage of such is here

seventeen and a half years ago

Hey there.
Just a brief note. I\'ve just finished a feature article on the Church of the Universe and the bust at the G13 shop. Here\'s the address.

Just in case you\'re interested.