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Dec 18, 2006

On the Web's Favourite Cannabis Podcast this week the Dopefiend talks about smoking Cannabis with tobacco, particularly in bongs, the Coffeshops of Amsterdam and more on Dopestock 2007, Mail Order Marijuana and the legalities and loopholes of being the recipient, smoking alone, puts a call out to non-stoner listeners, and discusses the bad news for THC4MS and their dependents, the continued drought in the UK, and why a joint a day keeps the doctor away! Email, leave a comment on the website, Skype us, check out the Chatroom and the forum.

Playlist: Presto - Brainstorm; Benjamin Devigne - Mess Up; Jern Eye (as Lunar Heights) ft. Jrod Indigo - Just Enough; Chiido - African Everywhere; Groundation - Waterfall; Alfredo Sanchez - Tiempo; Les DeMerle - Cookin' at the Corner; Skyzoo - S-K-Y; Johnny Osbourne - Nightfall (extended)
Download "Brainstorm" (mp3)
from "Magic LP"
by Presto
Concrete Grooves

Download "Mess Up" (mp3)
from "The Soul & The Jazz of ..."
by Benjamin Devigne
Still Music

Download "Just Enough (as Lunar Heights) f. Jrod Indigo" (mp3)
from "Authentic Vintage"
by Jern Eye
NatAural High Records

Download "African everywhere" (mp3)
from "Afro Knowledge From Naija To London"
by ChiiDo
Blue Pie Productions

Download "Tiempo" (mp3)
from "Primeros Pasos"
by Alfredo Sánchez

Download "Cookin' at the Corner" (mp3)
from "Cookin' at the Corner Vol. 1"
by The Dynamic Les DeMerle Band
Origin Records

Download "S-K-Y" (mp3)
from "Hall of Justus: Soldiers of Fortune"
by Hall Of Justus
Hall Of Justus/ABB Records

Download "Night Fall" (mp3)
from "Can't Stop Us Now"
by Various Artists
Easy Star Records

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