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Oct 22, 2007

On this week's episode of the Web's Favourite Cannabis Podcast, the Dopefiend talks about the preparations for our immense 100th episode celebrations in Amsterdam, whether or not you can get busted for "smuggling" cannabis in your bloodstream, the hallucinogenic properties of nutmeg and why it's not a very fun way to experience enlightenment, a volcano leakage query, some chat about how tobacco can ruin a cannabis high and whether cannabis smoked alone is as harmful as cigarettes, and whether any smokers actually like vapour, some talk of the delays in Mail Order Marijuana packages in the UK and how the problems are also being felt outside of the UK, a Cannabis trip report from Son of Gonzo and some related talk of masking your stoned state in public, some advice for Aussies wishing to buy a Volcano, and some more advice on how best to clean your glassware if you are wary of pure alcohol, a story of a cupboard grow gone bad from Marmalade Kid, a conspiracy theory behind an increase in drug searches in Britain and some talk about a new synthetic alternative to alcohol and whether it's the way forward for drinkers, or Aldous Huxley's Soma in disguise, also whether cannabis vapour can harm lungs, and whether different drugs are the driving force behind musical innovation. In the Cannabis News, the Canadian Ferry company that's weeding out the stoners, the British Police Chief who wants to legalize all drugs, a study form Amsterdam which says Cannabis doesn't harm teenagers, and the mystery of the parliamentary pot seizures. Email, leave your comments, Skype my face, check out the Chatroom and don't forget to register at our brand new forum!

Erowid Nutmeg Page:

Coolbreeze's link about synthetic alcohol:

Playlist: Los Lonely Boys - Friday Night; Barrington Levy - Shine Eye Girl; Dogboy - Return of the One Drop; Jeremy Pelt - Suspicion; Sathima Bea Benjamin - I Wish I Knew; Scienz of Life - Exclusive Rights; Serge Gainsbourg - Smoke Gets In Your Eyes; Pumpkinhead - Trifactor; Halou - Everything is OK; Muddy Waters - Hoochie Coochie Man; John O'Daniel - Lie's Like Hell; Work - Sassafras; Big George Jackson - If I Could Change; Gary Primich - Wig City; Ashtech - DNA

Los Lonely Boys
"Friday Night" (mp3)
from "Live At Blue Cat Blues - Dallas Texas"
(Blue Cat Blues Records)
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Barrington Levy
"Shine Eye Girl" (mp3)
from "Bounty Hunter - Place Too Dark"
(Azra Music Publishing)
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"Return of the One Drop" (mp3)
from "Rebel Riddim"
(Suburban Noize Records)
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Jeremy Pelt
"Suspicion" (mp3)
from "Identity"
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Sathima Bea Benjamin
"I Wish I Knew" (mp3)
from "Cape Town Love"
(Ekapa RPM)
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"Trifactor" (mp3)
from "Orange Moon Over Brooklyn"
(Rawkus Records LLC)
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"Everything Is OK" (mp3)
from "Wholeness & Separation"
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Muddy Waters

"Hoochie Coochie Man" (mp3)
from "The Lost Tapes"
(Blind Pig Records)
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"Sassafras" (mp3)
from "Black Music"
(Origami Music)
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Big George Jackson
"If I Could Change" (mp3)
from "Big Shot"
(Black and Tan Records)
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Gary Primich
"Wig City" (mp3)
from "Ridin' The Darkhorse"
(Electro-Fi Records)
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"DNA" (mp3)
from "Walkin' Target"
(Interchill Records)
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Scienz of Life
"Exclusive Rights" (mp3)
from "The Blaxploitation Sessions"
(Shaman Work)
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Podcast Image: Vapes in the woods hehehe by farmux. Submit your podcast pics here: