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Dec 21, 2007

Join faithful contributor Podders from his farm in the Spanish sunshine as he strings together a soulful string of raucous reggae and delicious dub for your aural stimulation. Find him at our amazing forum,, and join us for more special seasonal offerings throughout the holiday season.

Playlist: Get Ready - Zion Train, Walk Wid Me - Dezarie, Jimmy Lindsay - Way You a Defend, Drum and Bass Line - Aswad,  Jerusalem - Alpha Blondy and the Wailers, Silver Tongue Show - Groundation, Stretch Out - Midnite, Moulding - I Jah Man Levi, In Him - Midnite.
over fourteen years ago

rs gold,You are very small

sixteen and a half years ago

Jah bless Podders!!! Awesome Ital tunes man :) Loving Dezarie, Zion Train, and Midnite...

GREAT work brother Podders. Great.