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Jul 11, 2016

We hear from DGF for Soft Secrets at Product Earth with an eMail from Crimson Impaler and a rambling intro where the Grizzly Guru vape and other stuff is discussed.


volcano, mighty, grizzly guru, jack herer, Blue dream, trainwreck, cheese, pink panther diesel, product earth, vapefiend, soft secrets, ukcsc's, buds & boobs TRIGGER WARNING!!! horrible pervs, Shawshank Redemption, piss tests, THC, UK Hemp Expo, Spannabis, Xxennials, (Nez80, Gremlin of Ganja, Mrs Mole Dopefiend) minivap, Black Drop, noisy volcano bag TRIGGER WARNING!! only two minute's worth don't worry, Permanent Holiday, dreadlocks,