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May 24, 2007

In the second episode of Lefty's Lounge, the man himself is joined by forum regulars The Jaded Stoner, Acoustic Glass and Llamabox to chill out in the comfort of the Lounge, enjoy some great tunes and comedy, and talk about a range of subjects, including DMT trips. Email, leave your comments, and check out the Chatroom and Forum.

Playlist: Funk#2 - Lefty; I've Seen Better Days- Citizen King; Alleged Side Effects - Marijuana-Logues;  Serius - Alan Parsons Project; FC Kahuna - Hayling ; Child of the Novelty - Mahogany Rush ; Weed with Willy - Toby Keith; Steady as She Goes - The Raconteurs; All Star - Smash Mouth ; Evelyn Woodhead Speed Reading Ad - Cheech and Chong; Red Beans and Rice - Spearhead; Wake and Bake - Marijuana-Logues; Bold as Love - The Jimi Hendrix Experience; A Life of Illusion - Joe Walsh; Stay Human - Michael Franti & Spearhead; All the Young Dudes - Ozzy Osbourne; Everyone Deserves Music - Michael Franti; The Galaxy Song - Monty Python

almost seventeen years ago

Wicked! You guys created a clever and fun podcast.

almost sixteen years ago

i love how you post all the song info