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Jul 26, 2007

This week on Lefty's Lounge the Man with the Velvet Voicebox chats with listener Christine, plays a voice message from listener "Stonedsquid"; No Smoking styles this week; Comedy this week includes Jerry Seinfeld & Craig Shoemaker. Email, Skype prof_lefty, leave your comments, and check out the Chatroom and Forum

Playlist: Don't step on the grass sam - Gov't Mule; Precious Time - Journey; The Helmet - Jerry Seinfeld; Give Me a Call - 311; Good is Bad - Headrillaz (feat. Ricky Barrow); Rim of Hell - D.A.D.; Marijuana Genius - Campmasta & Lefty; Ape Man - The Kinks; The great sun jester - Blue Oyster Cult; I know I'm not alone - Michael Franti & Spearhead; Marijuana - Richie Spice; Cheap day return - Jethro Tull; Red Beans and Rice - Spearhead with Michael Franti; Nana's Glaucoma - Craig Shoemaker; Strange Dreams - Frank Marino; White Rabbit - Jefferson Airplane; Hayling - FC Kahuna; Illegal Smile - John Prine

almost sixteen years ago

that mom on the show is fucking cool