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Aug 2, 2020

Back for the last Dopefiend Quarantined of the first season, the Dopefiend is joined by Scottobaggins, Green Lady and the Gremlin of Ganja in the London area, Teenage Pie and Mrs Mole in Halmstead, HudsonRulez in Ontario, Trickster in Denmark, BB in Melbourne and Tirikite Toker in Brisbane to talk about the current state of lockdown around the world, with lockdown ending in Canada , seemingly returning in the UK and Australia, and sliding into chaos in the United States. Next we discuss the flourishing crop of new conspiracy theories that have sprung up during lockdown, including the recent accounts of seeds being sent from China to addresses worldwide, the Wayfair Child Trafficking conspiracy, Tom Hanks's "suspicious" move to Greece, is Beyonce an Italian woman?, what makes us believe in conspiracy theories, what circumstances make us more susceptible to them, and why are they being marketed to us? Finally we take a look at the pricing of medical cannabis in Australia and talk to HudsonRulez about his forthcoming new grow show, Grow Nation: coming soon to Thanks so much for listening. The DopeTribe will return... soon! Email tweet @dopefiend and follow @dopefiendquarantined on Instagram.


Our final song was Beautiful Day by Tibet2Timbuk2

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