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May 20, 2013

On this months Cannabulletin...
How much tax would you pay on your weed?
As long as it's no greater than the cost of street weed then what's the problem?
Otherwise grow your own...
Soon the 'back door policy' of illegally grown weed in Holland may be a thing of the past as ten local councils are asking to commercially grow dank!
In Malta, if you're a rapist, murderer or fraudster, you'll get less time inside than Daniel Holmes, who got ten years in jail and a fine of over €23,000 for the crime of growing some weed!
Here's a link to the petition...
Way to go Vermont!
Next step: Full legalization!
Way to go New York!
Next step: Decriminalization!
Way to go Wensley Clarkson!
Next stop:Your grubby little fiction book in pound shops!
And we thought that The Daily M/Fail couldn't possibly stoop any lower...
But fear not, for science will save us from the putrid lies of The Daily M/Fail!
I tweeted one of these links to Wensley Clarkson and asked him how he managed to come to one conclusion, while medical science came to another.
He never responded...
What an absolute male chicken!
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Psychtropically yours
Homer :0)