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May 26, 2007

This week on The Grow Report, our Grow Gurur Zandor continues Hydroponics class 202: a simple DWC bucket. Are you a hydro-head yet? If not after this class series you will be. Zandor covers more then basic; this show is all about making your own DWC bucket. Why not sign up for class today and learn why everyone is turning to Hydroponics as their prefered growing method. There's email from listners and even some more new music for your enjoyment. Hope you learn something. Email, leave a comment, check out the forum and the Chatroom.


Playlist: We go way back to 1971 for this week: Three Dog Night: The Show Must Go On, Joy to the World, Shambala, One, Black & White, Mama Told me Not to Come, Old Fashioned Love Song, Never Been to Spain, Liar, Eli's Coming, Easy to Be Hard, Celebrate; Guess who - American Woman, Mountain - Mississippi Queen, Deep Purple - Blacn Night, Black Sabbath - Paranoid (for me); Special play Cosmic Railroad - Shakedown, China Cat