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May 25, 2006

Another week, another soundtrack.  Check out sounds from Africa, South America, The Caribbean, Europe and the Middle East, keeping the international vibe for the world wide family of cannabis lovers.  Coping admirably with the effects of a huge quantity of herbalicious green, Queerninja cranks up the power in the Cave Studio and slides Tune Machine into chill mode.  Comments and emails and anything else always welcome.  Email:

Playlist: Trovador - Africando; Vila Nova - Orinoko; My Culture - One Giant Leap (feat. Maxi Jazz & Robbie Williams); Te Tengo Calao - Morodo; True Skool - Cold Cut & Roots Manuva; Live With Me - Massive Attack; Beautiful Boy - John Lennon; Dunya Salaam - One Giant Leap (feat. Baaba Mal).