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Jun 29, 2006

Check out some blissed out beats and some old anthems...Transmitting from Caithness, The Sounds of World Wide Weed operates a skeleton crew this week, so beware the roughness of the katana, but normal service will be resumed next week.  Email Leave comments on the site, and hit me with Skype!
Playlist: Clandestino - Manu Chao; Smoking My Ganga - Capital Letters; Flutter - Bonobo; Snowflower - Ooze; Third Chamber Part IV - Loop Guru; Wish You Were Here - Pink Floyd.

almost eighteen years ago

AGH! I told you to disregard that voicemail you NINJA! lol, The Brian Robbins Band later became Phish, but in your excitement of getting your first voicemail you must not have looked it up on Wikipedia. ooh, I love this song that\'s playing right now, it just came on, it\'s the \"ooze\" song, very ambient. You find the GREATEST music dude. One of my favorite things about the Dopefiend network is that it\'s based in the UK and you guys are ahead in the time difference from the states, so I usually get my podcasts whenever I wake up.

acoustic glass
almost eighteen years ago

Hey queerninja,
To start, i believe it Meh-razzz, almost like mirroraz. Or something! Loved the trance show, and the 7th show! Like someone already said, not long enough! Keep it comming!