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Nov 30, 2006

Strap yourself into your own chair of peace, and join me for a mental stroll through the emails and song suggestions of your fellow brothers and sisters in weed!  I had so much fun making this show, and connecting with so many wicked emails.  Send me some new ones for next week :), Skype me and leave comments at, and check us all out at The Forum.

Playlist: Hey Santa Claus You C*nt - Kevin Bloody Wilson; Time Travel?? Yes!! - The Flaming Lips; I Like Repetitive Music - Regurgitator; I Know Kung Fu (Nightmoves Remix) - Shitdisco; Oh Oh Its Magic - Pilot; Good Day Sunshine - The Beatles; One More Day - The Wood Brothers; Twenty - Dead Prez; Train - Sonya Kitchell.