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Apr 21, 2007

Our Grow Guru, Zandor is in a 420 party mood, so he spins a few of his favourite tracks this week in a special feature-length Dopestock Weekend show. If you're missing grow info, never fear, normal service will resume next week. In the meantime, sit back, and enjoy a toke with the Z-man. Email, leave a comment, check out the Forum and Chatroom

The Salva Kid
over seventeen years ago

Z. Excellent selection of music you put together there. Just having a listen on the morning after returning from Dopestock. Man, what a blast we had! Smoked a few big fat ones for you and Mrs Z. Lovely people, lovely times. Happy Days! - The Salvia Kid

over seventeen years ago

You had some good stuff to say on the latest Dopecast Salvia Kid. Hey Z, can you post a track list from your show? I want to know a few songs.
Thanks- UCFT

Goa West
over seventeen years ago

Z. I\'d like to second UCFT\'s request for a track list, that is classic material.

over seventeen years ago

U kick ass.