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Sep 28, 2010

In this episode of Visionary Artists Podcast we interview digital artist Android Jones. This electrifying interview explores the nature of self portraits in art, the difference between digital art and traditional media, Android's Ayahuasca experiences and his collaborative work Phadroid. Before the interview we hear a special announcement: VAP is teaming up with to create an interactive version of VAP which will run parallel to the regular podcast. We also hear about upcoming guests and a short discussion on intent in the visionary experience and how this relates to how the artist approaches the content of their work. 


Playlist: Nujabes - Kumomi; Capsula - Myth; The Correspondents - Huh; Travis Nobles - Trinumeral


Android Jones' amazing art can be found on


Visit for more information on Beyond the Basin


Check out:  The Correspondents on

                   Capsula's album Sense of a Drop on

                   Travis Noble's work on


thirteen and a half years ago

for anyone interested, the track Trinumeral featured at the end of the show is now available for free download at my soundcloud website--